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About brando & Intro to the show

This is the first episode of the podcast. Brando gives a little background on himself and an idea of what the podcast is going to be about. Everything from health foods to armwrestling to current events to old-time strongman feats.

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This is the strangest life I’ve ever known.
— Jim Morrison

This is Organic Athlete Brando's New Podcast, that will cover many topics.

Including Brando's general life events and experiences, health, fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, armwrestling, old-time strongman feats of strength, mma, organic foods, natural lifestyle, music, and much more! No holds barred here. Some episodes will be just Brando talking about these topics, and others will feature guests in these fields.


Organic Athlete Brando


Brando is a No Wimp's Armwrestler. He lives a natural chemical free lifestyle. Eating all organic food and practicing holistic health.

Brando has done things like rip decks of cards in 6 seconds, roll frying pans, and rip a deck of cards the long way. At 5 months into training Brando took 3rd place right and left at the AAA Nationals in Buffalo NY. He is signed with the WAL that is featured on ESPN2 and competed at some of their major events. Winning a couple of there Qualifying Events for there Regionals. He is also Brand Ambassador for Organic Muscle, and an Affiliate for Natural Force. These are companies that make organic and chemical free workout supplements. In 2016 Brando and his father were named Michigan Arms Armwrestler's of The Year at The Michigan State Armwrestling Championships. He has done this all in his first three years in the sport, and can't wait to see what the years to come have in store. In 2016 Brando also started a Health & Fitness Blog and a Podcast available at his website