Local and non local consciousness can be described by using an iPhone and the Internet. A cellphone can store data locally on its own built in storage, or it can store the data non locally on iCloud storage on the Internet. (the technological collective consciousness) Much like our own minds store individual bits of data, they also upload much of that to our own collective consciousness, humanity's own built in Internet.  In even more comparison to Humans, iPhone’s all look different, assuming the owner has personalized it to their own liking, which who doesn’t do that? Anyway, there are different kinds of apps in different orders with different wallpapers, and outside colors, and cases, but they are all made of the same parts on the inside, they were all created equal, and they were all made of the same stuff. They can work and get by on there own but to truly thrive the devices need a connection to each other (The Internet) much like people can get by on there own but for Humanity to Truly Thrive we need to Connect with each other.