The Great Human Structure

Imagine a world with no religion, no government, no laws. Without anything written down on a piece of paper, without any clear definition of what is right or wrong. No sense of where you came from or where you are going. How you got here, or where you are supposed to be. If you are even supposed to be for that matter. In this world how would humans co-exist? Would we all bond together lovingly to help each other through life, and decipher its mysteries. Or would we rape, pillage, and destroy anything in our path to satisfy our own pleasure, greed, and ego. What would there be to stop people from doing horrible things to one another? A lot of us would like to think we wouldn’t need a religion or a government to tell us what is right or wrong, but would we? Would we even have the ideology in place in our own minds that things like murder, stealing, and rape are wrong? Or would we go about committing these acts as if they were daily rituals like checking your email, or taking a shower? Are there certain universal truths we are all born with? Or do look at these actions like we do because the religious ideology is so deeply imbedded in our society it forces us to?